[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Even when you replace the airbags and seat belt pre-tensioners after deployment your airbag light will still flash, this is because the airbag module locks up so the airbags can’t redeploy. Purchasing a new module from the manufacturer/dealership will solve this problem BUT will cost you between £200 – £1100 before you have to take the vehicle in for them to fit it and program it up to the car plus many modules require special order as they are not usually kept in stock taking upto 6 weeks !

You simply need to send the airbags control module to us and we return it the next day. Airbag module will be reset ready for you to plug back in for a small fraction of the dealership cost.

Example (prices from main dealers Nov.2010)

2005 VW touran (1TO 909 605C) £263 + fitting & coding (2hrs labour) £30 total
2003 Citreon C5 (9648403180) £231.47 + fitting & coding (2.5hrs labour) £30 total
2007VauxhallAstra(13251081EE) £298.45 +fitting & coding (1.5hrs labour) £30 total
2010 Honda Insight (77960-TM8-A011-M2) £947 + fitting & coding (1.5 hours labour) £30 total