In 2004

Founded Crash Data Company

CrashData was founded in 2004 in Liverpool, UK, by Chris Jones. Chris was already founder of successful automotive electronics company involved in the development of hardware and software, and realized that there was  demand for a reputable, dedicated small airbag module electronics repair business within the UK, no company had stepped forward to take on that role back then. Brand recognition for this industry had yet to be established but through existing clients the demand was clearly there,  using prior knowledge and solid roots Crash Data Airbag Module Repair & Reset was formed.

Within two years

Decided to offer white label repair service

Within two years, he and his team had expanded, and with the demand for growth showing no signs of slowing, he decided to offer opportunities to other similar electronics companies. Over the next few months Crash Data behind the scenes where repairing airbag modules for several big name electronics repairers in bulk, where these companies had been sending airbag modules to German for repair, and now they were able to offer same day repair with next day delivery cutting the total turn around time down by nearly 7 days !


We are here to help you

CrashData focuses on being a one-stop solution for the customer. Repairs are done quickly and professionally on-site, Should the device prove to not be repairable, our knowledgeable staff can help source a suitable replacement, to get the customer back up and running as quickly and painlessly as possible. CrashData also have continued to grow with their white label repair services for other electronics businesses offering airbag repairs, with many of them using the services continually for over 12 years!

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