Honda Airbag Module Repair and Reset

We can repair and reset all new Honda modules, these are the most expensive modules we have see yet…. if you buy new. Send it to us and save over £700 by repairing your old crashed module.

Make Model Part Number/Software Number
Honda CRX 77960-S10-G81 NEC
Honda 77960-S04-G81 NEC
Honda 77960-S04-G91
Honda 77960-S04-N91-M2
Honda 77960-S04-N93-M2
Honda 77960-S9A-Y414-M1
Honda CRV 77960-S10-A92
Honda 77960-S10-G92
Honda 77960-S30-G81 NEC
Honda Accord 77960-SDA-A620-M2 Denso
Honda 77960-SFJ-W710-M2
Honda 77960-SN7-H91 Siemens 5WK4135
Honda Accord 77960-SEA-G817-M1 TRW
Honda Accord 77960-SEA-G820-M1 TRW
Honda Accord 77960-SEF-G821-M1 TRW
Honda Accord 77960-SEF-E821-M1 TRW
Honda Accord 77960-SN7-G81 NEC
Honda Civic 77960-SMG-E110-M1 TRW
Honda Civic 77960-SMG-E013-M1 TRW
Honda Civic 77960-SMG-E014-M1 TRW
Honda Civic 77960-SNA-A219-M1
Honda Civic 77960-SNB-G215-M1 TRW
Honda Civic 77960-SNB-T015-M1 TRW
Honda Civic 77960-SQ2-G81-M1
Honda Civic 77960-SR3-L81 NEC
Honda Civic 77960-ST3-E83 Siemens 5WK4136
Honda Civic 77960-SVA-A211-M1
Honda Accord 77960-SDN-A820-M1 TRW
Honda Accord 77960-SV4-A95-M2
Honda Jazz 77960-TF0-E820-M1
Honda Jazz 77960-TF0-E820-M3
Honda CRV 77960-SWA-E240 5WK44016
Honda CRV 77960-SWA-E230 5WK43784